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PC Werth Solid Mould

PC Werth Solid Mould



The sound of gunfire can permanenty damage your hearing in milliseconds. It is essential to use the correct high performance protection plugs in order to prevent irreversible damage.

Solid ear plugs cut out about 30db of noise. This greatly reduces the impact a gunshot can have on your hearing. Great for those who desire overall and indiscriminate noise reduction.



Solid plugs can also be used in any environment where it is neccessary to cut out loud noise.

This is a cost effective way of protecting your hearing.

  • Attenuation - Up to 30db
  • Applications - Sportsmen, police firearms officers, army personnel and industry. This option is not recommended if the wearer needs to hear conversation or speak within a noisy environment
  • Colours - Various
  • Material - Silicone: Biopore 40 shore

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