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Puretone Personal Moulds

Puretone Personal Moulds

Acrylic & silicone earmoulds for headphones are the ultimate accessory for your personal music player, or as an alternative in-ear monitor solution. These custom-made moulds offer a cost effective way of improving the sound and fit from your current earphones.

Simply fitted over your earphone driver, these custom-made moulds create a seal which increases low frequency response, improves attenuation and provides a comfortable fit in your ear while reducing the chance of your earphones falling out while running or during exercise.

Acrylic Personal Moulds

Acrylic material is generally harder and more rigid than the silicone material alternative, and available in a wider range of colours and finishes, including a sparkle glitter finish to make your earpiece really stand out.

Silicone Personal Moulds

Soft silicone material is generally more flexible making the earmoulds easier to fit over headphones than the acrylic material alternative.

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